Play Nobita And Shizuka Wedding Games Online Free

Nobita and shizuka wedding games are best for lover to play that games in their free time to enhance the bond of love. Nobit and shizuka was character of doraemon series which are famous due to their friendship. Now it was time when nobita are decide to do marriage for that purpose they will try their best to know about heart feeling of shizuka.

First they will invite shizuka at party where nobita are talking about their heart feeling. Nobita need best outfits for that party so they will wish to give gift to shizuka at party. Now it was depend on player to give what look to nobita and shizuka in nobita love confession game. In first stage of that game you will saw some option which is control through cursor.

Shizuka Wedding Games Online Free

On game screen you have seen that nobita and shizuka dummy are stand in virtual dimension whichare created through doraemon gadgets. Now at left side of screen you will find nobita dress up option. As similarly on the right side you will find all option of shizuk address up. First star from nobita and apply same step at shizuka side. First option you will see in that game was hairstyles.

Choose best color of hairstyle for both of them. Second option that you will need to choose it was about makeup. Choose suitable makeup for both of them because it was producing good impression on them. After makeup you will need to wear short on them. There are lots of shirts you have seen in that game so select that clothes which are full of color and express their feelings.

Nobita Wedding Games Online Free

We think that you have good choice in shirt because standard of that game was though because it was mention you in which style nobita are think to propose their life partner. Now it was turn to choose skirt and pant for them. Second last option of that game was shoes selection which is most important part of that game. After shoes selection it was choose ramantic clutch for shizuka and love gift for nobita. At the end check results of your praration. If you shizuka are accept nobita love gift.

Nobita And Shizuka Wedding Games Free Download

The other best doraemon shizuka dress up games online play on your system though some easy steps through which you are downloading these games. nobita and shizuka wedding game are plan through their friends which are like their company. On the day of wedding their friends are organize singing competition.

So you will stop jian to sing song and they will not disturb other singer through their song. For that reason you will need to hide instrument of music from jian. If they will found them they will sing. Furthermore, doraemon are attending guest serve them a good food to them. Nobita are feeling crazy about their wedding day with shizuka. All friends are try their best make that day happy. Play nobita and shizuka wedding games to become good friends of doraemon.