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Nobita and shizuka games are nice choice of kids to play free online on their browser to spend time during play that popular games. Kids are happy when they are playing one game with all character of doraemon series. Doraemon was kid show cartoon in which all their character have good role to play.

Mostly kids are like doaremon character because it was hero of that series. One thing to remember in that games which you have play on our site is teach you team work. In doraemon serial you have seen that when any one are facing problem then all friends are gather and find solution of that problem.

Now you have big responsibility in that game because nobita are going to purpose shizuka. They are feeling scary but shizuka have same feeling about nobita. Now you will ready both of them for love proposal. For that purpose you will need to play nobita love confession game.

It that game you will choose their out fits and gift for shizuka through which she was feeling emotion s of nobita. Now click on game option and start playing. First start from their hair so shizuka was girl then long hairstyle is best for them. In case of nobita, short hair looking gorgeous on nobita. Each player has their own mind tricks. It was up to you to wear any style of clothes on both of them in start. When you are aware of that game then time limit will start and many other charterer are come to purpose shizuka. Now do hurry if you are late then you will lose and shizuka will go with any other to marriage. Help nobita to confess their love.

When shizuka are accepting nobita love then nobita is deciding to marriage with them. There are lot responsibilities for marriage ceremony then you will need to play doraemon nobita shizuka gian suneo dress up games for wedding. All friends are happy for wedding. They are wishing to do for them so friends are decide to help them in wedding clothes.

Now ready to prepare all of them for wedding. For that you will have command to control each player. First start from doraemonm, black color is looking good on them. First select shirt of white color and pant of black design with coat. After that you will need to wear red tie. All friends are wearing same color of clothes except bride and groom because it was best day of their life. For That purpose draemon gadget are helping you to choose clothes for them.

Nobita And Shizuka Games Free Download

Now you are ready to choose wedding fabrics. Bride needs stylish dress through which they are looking unique. Furthermore, do not forget about groom because it was you duty to wear modern dress to groom through which they are looking charming then bride. When both of them ready the kiss nobita and shizuka games complete their wedding ceremony.